All our chains are 14ct gold filled & 925 sterling silver, nickel free. Chains are available in three lengths, 40cm, 45cm & 50cm.

Our hoops are 16mm 14k gold filled and 925 sterling silver, nickel free.


Remove jewellery before showering or swimming

Apply perfume or lotions before putting your jewellery on

Remove jewellery when sleeping

Be gentle and careful as the jewellery is very delicate

Store in a cool and dry place away from

sunlight when not in use


Before a purchase is made, the crystal has travelled a long way and been in the hands of a number of people, exposing the crystal to different energies. From source to seller, and lastly, to you. Therefor, it is important to cleanse your crystal from these energies. It is good to cleanse and recharge your crystals frequently.

Running water

Can be used for hard stones, such as quartz. Do not use this method for kyanite.

Smudge sticks

Such as sage or other herbs.

Sunlight or moonlight

Place your crystals in the sun or moonlights gentle energy. If you can't place your crystals outside, a windowsill will work too. Don't place your amethyst or rose quartz in sunlight, as it will fade over time. The more gentle light and energy from the full moon is better suited for these crystals.


Salt water

Placing your crystals in a salt bath overnight will help absorb unwanted energy. Make sure to rinse your crystals in clear water afterwards to remove any salt residue. Do not used this method for kyanite, selenite, hematite or pyrite.