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I'm Filippa your local Melbourne jeweller

I create unique and one of a kind jewellery pieces that connects you to nature and your divine energy within. Neij Jewellery is a reminder that we are all nature. Each piece of jewellery is intentionally crafted by hand using recycled precious metals and natural, ethically sourced gemstones. Jewels from Mother Earth.


I am so excited to have you here

My Mission

My mission is to create unique one of a kind jewellery that grounds you to nature and reflect your divine energy within. A heirloom piece of jewellery that you will adore a lifetime and eventually pass onto future generations. 


Gemstones and metals hold different energies and vibrations. By creating a personalised piece of jewellery together with the gemstones that aligns with you, you end up with something much more than just a piece of jewellery.


You create a story, a reminder, and something to reflect your own divine energy. 




From Sweden to Australia

The main inspiration behind Neij Jewellery comes from nature. The earths different elements, textures, colours and emotions play a big part in every piece of jewellery made. It’s about capturing the way nature grounds you and make you come back to yourself.

Where it started

As many others, I started making jewellery in lockdown 2020 and from there the passion only grew. I grew up in Sweden with the forest as my backyard, and since coming to Australia seven years ago my love for crystals and gemstones has grown. They sparked my interest for the first time when my mom secretly hid a bunch of crystals in my suitcase for protection the year I moved here from Sweden. Those crystals always gave me comfort when missing home.

Now I live on the Mornington Peninsula just outside of Melbourne with my partner Tim and kitty cat Toto. My home studio is located just a few hundred meters from the beach - where I feel the most at home and inspired. 


Filippa is a gem to work with. She is easy to communicate with and it was a delight working with her on my custom piece. Wether you’re buying a custom or already made piece you won’t regret it. I already have 3 other pieces in mind.


Such majestic jewellery! I adore every piece I own and love giving them as gifts. The craftsmanship, the heart behind the details, breathtaking quality. I wear Filippas designs every day. They are so special and you can feel the love, passion and commitment she puts into her business and each piece. Thank you my friend

- Shanon // Texas, US


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Things that light up my soul

» Sapphires and yellow gold
» Plants and indoor jungles
» Art
» Morning walks
» Mindfulness rituals
» Time in nature
» Waking up with the sun