Hi beautiful soul,


By Neij is a Melbourne based sustainable jewellery label inspired by nature and the raw beauty surrounding us. Using energetically charged gemstones, I create unique and one-of-a-kind pieces that brings out the divine energy within yourself. Jewellery that makes you feel like the goddess you are. Timeless & perfectly imperfect.


I’m Filippa, the owner and designer of By Neij Jewellery. I started By Neij in lockdown 2020, but the idea behind it was never to start a business. I was simply a girl stuck in lockdown Melbourne, wanting to be creative and protect my energy with magical crystals. I grew up in Sweden, and since coming to Australia five years ago, my passion for crystals has grown incredibly. Crystals sparked my interest for the first time when my mom secretly hid a bunch of crystals in my suitcase for protection the year I moved here from Sweden. Those crystals always gave me comfort when missing home.


Since starting By Neij in 2020, the brand has developed a lot. The techniques I use to make jewellery is very different from two years ago, and I constantly strive to improve and learn new ways and skills. The way I like to work is that I aim to induce a flow state, and let my hands do the creation. Simply flowing with the creation. My home studio is a beautifully light filled space with lots of plants, crystals & essential oils. Having a grounded workspace is so very important for my creation.


My main inspiration when creating my pieces comes from nature. Natures different elements, colours, textures, feeling. I’ve always been loving nature, and growing up in Sweden, the forest was my backyard. The way nature grounds you and always make you come back to yourself. Being close to nature is as important for me to function, as it is to get inspiration. Many of my creations and pieces are inspired by places & nature from my home in Sweden.


The techniques I’m currently working with is silversmithing and wax carving. Each piece is crafted completely by hand. Wax carving is an ancient technique where you carve a piece in wax to then get it cast in silver or gold. It’s an amazing and fun process as it allows you to be so very creative. Watching the piece transform from wax into metal is absolutely fantastic. I love working with organic textures as it gives the piece so much character, whilst bringing out the colours and glow of a gemstone.

By Neij is a sustainable jewellery brand. I use only ethically sourced gemstones and sustainable materials for all my pieces. All metals have been mindfully curated, and my packaging which includes jewellery boxes, postal boxes, tissue paper are FCS certified (forest stewardship council). My postage bags are biodegradable & all cards are made with recycled paper.

Thank you to everyone who has inspired, supported and continues to support my passion and creations with By Neij.

x Filippa